IPTV Providers List Certificate

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Our approval certificate is given to those providers that pass through and meet our standards of IPTV service provision and are in line with our code of conduct.

This certificate has been successfully awarded to

Best IPTVs

as a recognition for providing good standards and conduct of service and also a member of IPTV Providers List.

The provider's website https://www.bestiptvs.com has gone through an investigation to determine its compliance to the following set of rules:

IPTV Providers List strive to constantly check all certificate bearers for compliance with this certificate and all standards required. However, some data might be outdated during specific times as some of the Providers might change their information from time to time without notice. In view of this, IPTV Providers List can not be held responsible for any inaccurate information. If you think that the provider is not complying to any one of this certificate's requirements, we urge you to file an official report at info@iptvproviderslist.com so we can re-view and evaluate the Provider's conduct and immediately revoke certificate if needed.